• Angled Care Brush
    Angled Care Brush
    Angled Care Brush
    • Angled Care Brush
    • Angled Care Brush
    • Angled Care Brush

    Angled Care Brush

  • Angled Care Brush

    An angled brush designed to apply and blend all-over skin care products hands-free and without product waste.

    Perfectly pairs with creams, moisturizers, primers, and masks.


    – Angled brush head ideal for detailed and controlled application of skin care products, designed to avoid hairline and allow for easy application onto the neck and décolleté

    – Dense base with soft, flexible tips that hold product on top of the brush head

    – Brush head can be reused immediately during skin care routine to layer multiple products

    – Patented handle design offers comfort and control with thumb placement grip detail and no-slip ridges



    Daily/Weekly Clean:

    – If lightweight product, clean or wipe brush with a clean tissue or towel.

    – If heavier product, use a waterless brush cleaner that doesn’t require drying time – we recommend our Quick Dry Brush Cleaner Spray.


    Weekly/Monthly Clean:

    – Use a mild soap, shampoo, or brush cleaner, like The Wash.

    – Add the brush cleaner directly to the brush head.

    – Without adding any water, work the brush cleaner into the brush fibers.

    – For faster deep cleaning, use a silicone brush cleaning pad, like the Brush Cleaning Pad.

    – Rinse thoroughly with water.

    – Lay flat to dry.

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    PETA Certified and never tested on animals
    Always free of animal products and by-products
    Manufactured with environmentally and socially responsible methods
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