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  • ANISA's Best Skin Care Brushes Skin Care Brushes ANISA Beauty

ANISA's Best Skin Care Brushes

  • ANISA's Best Skin Care Brushes

    As the season's change, so does the look and feel of your skin. This holiday, treat yourself to some well-deserved pampering with ANISA’s Best Skin Care Brush Kit. This 2-piece set is perfect for enhancing your daily skincare routine and includes Anisa’s favorite All-Over Care Brush — the domed-shaped brush  head featuring ultra-soft, cruelty-free fibers that gently glide across your skin, giving you precise application of your favorite moisturizers, serums, or oils, while the Eye Treatment Brush is perfect for applying creams around the delicate eye area. Rounding out this set is a complimentary brush carrying case.


    - Includes one All-Over Skin Care brush that evenly applies skin care products for optimal product penetration and features soft, flexible tips that keeps product suspended on top of the brush head.

    - Includes one Eye Treatment brush with an indented scoop-shaped brush head that is perfect for gentle application without pulling or tugging on delicate skin.

    - Includes a complimentary Carrying Case with zippered closure that help keep your beauty essentials organized while traveling.

    - Patented skin care brush handle design provides comfort and control with thumb placement grip detail and no-slip ridges that offer maneuverability when hands are wet.

    - Brush fibers are sustainably made and cruelty-free.



    Daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning of your brushes can help maintain your brush’s longevity and shape.

    For a daily cleanse:

    - Wipe off access product after each application.

    - Spray the ANISA Beauty Quick Dry Spray on the brush head.

    - Reshape fibers before storing.

    Weekly or Monthly Cleaning with the ANISA Beauty Brush Cleaning Duo

    - Use a dime size amount of the Wash and work into the brush head fibers.

    - The silicone cleansing pad offers a deeper cleanse without damaging the fibers. Gently apply a small amount of pressure on the pad and swirl.

    - Rinse well until brush head is no longer soapy

    - Squeeze out access water

    - Reshape fibers and lay flat to air dry.

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