NEW! The Soap Case purify ANISA Beauty
  • NEW! The Soap Case purify ANISA Beauty

The Soap Case

  • The Soap Case

     The Soap Case is a compact storage solution for solid soap designed to keep soap hygienic and dry while stored on your vanity, in the shower, or during travel.


    – The Soap Case swivels open to store solid soap, but also functions as a canister to comfortably grip while washing your brushes

    – Designed with small round perforations on its base to allow soap to dry quickly without soap scum build-up or mess

    – Helps to maintain the life of solid soap through optimal drying and breathability

    – Ultra-portable, compact, and perfect for travel

    – Dimensions: 2.5”L x 1.25”H inner diameter



    Care Instructions: Rinse thoroughly with water and lay flat to dry.

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