Prep and Prime Kit Skin Care Brushes ANISA Beauty
  • Prep and Prime Kit Skin Care Brushes ANISA Beauty

Prep and Prime Kit

  • Prep and Prime Kit

    For a smoother complexion and longer-lasting makeup, ANISA Beauty has created the perfect skin care brush set. The Prep and Prime Skin Care Brush Kit includes our top-rated All-Over Care BrushAngled Care Brush, and comes with a complimentary carrying case. Experience luxury at-home facials with unique brushes designed for hands-free application, and penetration of your favorite creams, serums, and primers. 


    - Includes our best-selling All-Over Care Brush crafted with cruelty-free fibers and is equipped with an innovative silicone reservoir that lets you apply the correct amount of primer and moisturizer.

    - Includes one Angled Care Brush crafted with dense, cruelty-free fibers that hold product on top of the brush head for controlled product application and is perfect for product layering.

    - Includes a complimentary Carrying Case with zippered closure that help keep your beauty essentials organized while traveling.

    - Patented skin care brush handle design provides comfort and control with thumb placement grip detail and no-slip ridges that offer maneuverability when hands are wet.

    - Brush fibers are sustainably made and cruelty-free.




    Daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning of your brushes can help maintain your brush’s longevity and shape.

    For a daily cleanse:

    - Wipe off access product after each application.

    - Spray the ANISA Beauty Quick Dry Spray on the brush head.

    - Reshape fibers before storing.

    Weekly or Monthly Cleaning with the ANISA Beauty Brush Cleaning Duo

    - Use a dime size amount of the Wash and work into the brush head fibers.

    - The silicone cleansing pad offers a deeper cleanse without damaging the fibers. Gently apply a small amount of pressure on the pad and swirl.

    - Rinse well until brush head is no longer soapy

    - Squeeze out access water

    - Reshape fibers and lay flat to air dry.

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