ANISA Beauty was created on the belief that the cosmetic brush is the ultimate beauty tool to transform your makeup and skin care experience.

At ANISA Beauty, we are beauty activists - redefining 21st Century standards by creating innovative and inclusive products that take care of our consumers, our communities and our environment.

We believe beauty belongs to everyone. All of us have the right to be seen and feel beautiful.

What touches your face matters and we take seriously our role in leading the way to positive change in the beauty industry and beyond.

We own our manufacturing facility and have full control over our supply chain and process – from conception to your hand.

We believe that how we do business can make a difference. As we proudly pave the way for more responsible beauty tool manufacturing, we continue to find ways to do so without harming the environment and by providing fair wages to the artisans who make them.

Creating better products means less waste, cleaner production and safe and supportive working conditions. This translates to you knowing where and how your brushes were made. Every brush is PETA Certified Cruelty-Free and sustainably made by the global ANISA team.

ANISA Beauty is led by beauty pioneer Anisa Telwar Kaicker, Founder and CEO of Anisa International. She has been designing and manufacturing brushes for the biggest brands in beauty for almost 30 years. This specialized focus has positioned her as the thought-leader in brush design and innovation.

Anisa’s passion for brushes is surpassed only by her commitment to giving back and leaving a meaningful mark on the world. She is an active and outspoken advocate for social justice and through her Anisa Advocacy program is a proud supporter of organizations on the front lines of addressing racial inequality.