Anisa Telwar-Kiacker

About Our Founder

Anisa always wanted to create the best brushes in the world. She began her journey in 1992 by selling brushes to some of the biggest brands in beauty.

In 2003, Anisa realized she could sell better brushes if she made them herself in her own facility.

This strategic move helped protect her innovations and fueled the development of over 50 patented, patent-pending brushes.

In 2019, she launched her own brand and poured years of experience and innovation into ANISA Beauty.

“I believe what touches your face matters, and we also believe that we have a responsibility to make a real difference in the world we live. ANISA Beauty is so much more than a brush company and we can’t wait to share this journey with you every day.” — Anisa Telwar Kaicker
ANISA Beauty Skin Care Brushes on Crystal Background

Behind The Design

ANISA Beauty owns and operates its manufacturing facilities. With complete control over the supply chain, development, and production processes, we can ensure each brush meets our stringent quality control measures.

Also, having the ability to manufacture our products allows us to pay our artisan brush makers a fair wage, while significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

Every brush we produce is PETA-Certified, Cruelty-Free, and Sustainably-Made by the global ANISA Beauty team.

ANISA Beauty Makeup Brushes

What Touches Your Skin Matters

How you apply products to your skin matters — and we believe it’s all about using the right tools.

ANISA Beauty was created in the belief that the right cosmetic brush can transform your makeup and skin care experience.

We have invested in our products a singular focus — designing, creating and elevating the tools that matter most — the brush.

Every ANISA Beauty brush is purposefully created with your needs in mind; no matter your skin type, or your age — we have a variety of brushes designed to pair perfectly with the skincare and makeup products you use every day.

ANISA Beauty brushes embody thirty years of expertise and innovation, with custom-designed, patented heads and fibers, ferrules and handles.